Every Grain of Rice has 151 recipes (and 72 variation recipes).

Linked ones have been made and eaten.


  • Smaked cucumber in garlicky sauce 蒜泥拍黃瓜
    • A sweet-and-sour sauce for smacked cucumber
    • Smacked cucumber with sesame and preserved mustard greens
  • Sichuanese spiced cucumber salad 熗黃瓜
    • Spiced potato sliver salad
  • Sichuanese green soy bean salad 香油青豆
  • Sichuanese fava bean salad 涼拌胡豆
  • Silken tofu with soy sauce 小蔥拌豆腐
    • Silken tofu with preserved duck eggs
  • Silken tofu with avocado 鱷梨豆腐
  • Smoked tofu with celery and peanuts 涼拌豆腐乾
    • Simple firm tofu salad
  • Tofu “bamboo” with spring onion-flavored oil 蔥油腐竹
  • Cold chicken with a spicy Sichuanese sauce 涼拌雞
    • Another sauce for cold chicken
  • Cold chicken with ginger and spring onion 油淋雞
  • Vegetarian clay bowl “chicken” 鉢鉢腐竹
  • Clay bowl chicken 鉢鉢雞
  • Preserved duck eggs 涼拌皮蛋
    • Sour-and-hot preserved duck eggs
  • Sichuanese numbing-and-hot beef 麻辣牛肉
  • Sweet-and-sour spare ribs 糖醋排骨
  • Slippery wood ear salad with cilantro 香菜木耳
  • Kohlrabi salad with sesame oil 香油苤藍
  • Smoky eggplant with garlic 火燒茄子
  • Spinach in ginger sauce 薑汁菠菜
  • Tiger salad 老虎菜
  • Spinach with sesame sauce 麻醬菠菜
  • Radishes in chilli oil sauce 熗蘿蔔
  • Delectable lotus root salad 美味藕片
  • Green soy beans, served in the pod 毛豆


  • Pock-marked old woman’s tofu (vegetarian version) 麻婆豆腐
  • Pipa tofu 琵琶豆腐
    • Tofu puffs with salt and Sichuan pepper
  • Bear’s paw tofu 熊掌豆腐
  • Spicy firm tofu with garlic stems 蒜薹炒香乾
  • Suzhou breakfast tofu 蘇州豆花
  • Firm tofu with green bell pepper 青椒豆腐乾
  • Stir-fried tofu with black bean and chilli 香辣豆腐乾
    • Twice-cooked pork with black bean and chilli
  • Silken tofu with pickled mustard greens 酸菜豆花
    • Silken tofu with chicken slivers and pickled mustard greens
  • Sour-and-hot silken tofu 酸辣豆花


  • Red-braised pork 紅燒肉
  • Twice-cooked pork 回鍋肉
  • Salt-fried pork with garlic stems 鹽煎肉
  • Braised pork with potatoes 土豆燒肉
  • Stir-fried beef with black bean and chilli 家常牛肉
  • Tuzi’s slow-cooked ribs with red fermented tofu 南乳排骨
  • Bowl-steamed pork in rice meal 粉蒸肉
  • Beef with cumin 孜然牛肉
  • Red-braised beef with tofu “bamboo” 腐竹燒牛肉
  • Slow-cooked beef brisket with berries 清燉枸杞牛肉



  • Steamed sea bass with ginger and spring onion 清蒸鱸魚
    • Steamed fish fillets with ginger and spring onion
  • Sea bream in fish-fragrant sauce 吉利家鄉魚
  • Dry-braised fish with black bean and chilli 豆辣乾燒魚
  • Braised trout in chilli bean sauce 豆瓣魚
    • Mirror carp in chilli bean sauce
  • Sweet-and-sour fish “tiles” 糖醋瓦塊魚
    • Fish-fragrant fish “tiles”
    • Salt-and-pepper fish “tiles”
  • Salt-and-pepper squid 椒鹽魷魚
    • Salt-and-pepper tofu
  • Clams in black bean sauce 豉汁炒蜆
    • Mussels in black bean sauce


  • Sichuanese “dry-fried” green beans (vegetarian version) 乾煸四季豆 (素)
    • Stir-fried green beans with “olive vegetable”
  • Stir-fried peas with chilli and Sichuan pepper 熗青豌豆
  • Peas with dried shrimp 燴金鉤青丸
  • Green or romano beans with black bean and chilli 家常刀豆
  • Snow peas with Chinese wind-dried sausage 香腸炒荷蘭豆
  • Hangzhou fava beans with ham 火腿蠶豆
    • Steamed fava beans with ham
  • Mashed fava beans with “snow vegetable” 豆瓣酥
    • Mashed fava beans with cured ham
  • Fava beans with preserved mustard greens 芽菜炒蠶豆
    • Fava beans with spring onion
    • Fava beans with spring onion, Sichuan-style
  • Stir-fried green soy beans with snow vegetable 雪菜毛豆
    • Stir-fried green soy beans
  • Stir-fried beansprouts with Chinese chives 韭菜銀芽
    • Beansprouts with chilli and Sichuan pepper


  • Blanched choy sum with sizzling oil 油淋菜心
    • Purple-sprouting broccoli with sizzling oil
  • Spinach with chilli and fermented tofu 椒絲腐乳炒菠菜
    • Water spinach with fermented tofu
    • Spinach with red fermented tofu and ginger
    • Simple stir-fried spinach
  • Stir-fried greens with dried shrimp 包心菜炒蝦皮
  • Stir-fried broccoli with chilli and Sichuan pepper 熗西南花菜
    • Stir-fried broccoli with garlic
  • Baby bok choy in superior stock 上湯白菜苗
    • Baby bok choy in superior stock, restaurant style
  • Stir-fried choy sum with ginger and garlic 家常炒菜心
  • Stir-fried chopped choy sum 鉢鉢菜心
  • Bok choy with fresh shiitake 香菇小白菜
  • Chinese broccoli in ginger sauce 薑汁芥藍
  • Chinese cabbage with vinegar 醋溜白菜
  • Stir-fried Romain lettuce 清炒生菜
  • Twice-cooked Swiss chard 回鍋牛皮菜
  • Smothered rainbow chard with garlic 燜彩虹菜
  • Purple amaranth with red fermented tofu 南乳莧菜
    • Purple amaranth with garlic
  • Tender boiled vegetables with a spicy dip 耙耙菜
  • Sichuanese “send0the-rice-down” chopped celery with ground beef 家常肉末芹菜
    • Stir-fried celery with beef
  • Stir-fried celery with lily bulbs and macadamia nuts 鮮百合炒素


  • Stir-fried Chinese chives with pork slivers 韭菜肉絲
    • Flowering chives with pork slivers
  • Chinese chives with smoked tofu 韭菜炒香乾
    • Flowering chives with smoked tofu
  • Stir-fried yellow chives with venison slivers 韭黃鹿肉絲
    • Stir-fried yellow chives with chicken or pork slivers
  • Golden Chinese chive omelette 韭菜炒蛋
  • Stir-fried eggs with yellow chives 韭黃炒雞蛋
  • Stir-fried garlic stems with bacon 臘肉炒蒜薹
    • Stir-fried garlic stems with mushrooms


  • Fish-fragrant eggplant 魚香茄子
  • Hangzhou eggplant 肉末茄子
  • Shanghai home-style eggplant 家常茄子
  • Stir-fried green pepper with pork slivers 青椒肉絲
    • Stir-fried green pepper with firm tofu
  • Stir-fried cucumber with wood ear 黃瓜木耳
    • Stir-fried cucumber with pork and wood ear
  • Sweet and sour zucchini 糖醋義大利瓜
    • Zucchini slivers with garlic
  • Steamed fuzzy melon with ground pork stuffing 清蒸南瓜
  • Silk gourd with green soy beans 青豆絲瓜
    • Silk gourd with garlic
  • Rustic steamed squash with spicy black bean sauce 鄉村南瓜


  • Stir-fried potato slivers with chilli and Sichuan pepper 熗土豆絲
    • Stir-fried potato slivers with spring onion
    • Stir-fried potato slivers with green bell pepper
    • Stir-fried potato slivers with vinegar
  • Stir-fried mashed potato with preserved mustard greens 酸菜炒土豆泥
  • Peng Rui’s potato sliver bing 彭銳土豆餅



  • Soup of salted duck eggs, sliced pork and mustard greens 芥菜鹹蛋肉片湯
    • Winter melon and salted duck egg soup
  • Sour-and-hot mushroom soup 酸辣山珍湯
  • Fava bean and snow vegetable soup 豆瓣雪菜湯
  • Fried egg and tomato soup 番茄煎蛋湯
  • Dai Shuang’s yellow split pea soup 戴雙豌豆湯
  • Soup with vegetables and meatballs 丸子湯
  • Taro and arugula soup 芋頭娃娃菜
  • Simple chicken soup 清燉全雞


  • Plain white rice 白米飯
    • Traditional steamer rice
    • Pot-sticker rice served with rice “soup”
  • Plain brown rice 糙米飯
  • Egg-fried rice 蛋炒飯
    • Green fried rice
    • Soy sauce-fried rice
  • Yangzhou fried rice 揚州炒飯
  • Shanghainese rice with salt pork and bok choy 鹹肉菜飯
  • Soupy rice with pork and greens 上海泡飯
  • Congee 粥
    • Congee with other seeds and grains
    • Congee with pork ribs, preserved duck eggs and ginger
    • Dandelion leaf congee
    • Congee with chicken and shiitake mushrooms
  • Rice-cooked vegetables and rice-cooked pork 飯焐菜



  • Sichuanese wontons in chilli oil sauce 紅油炒手
  • Hangzhou wontons in soup 鹹肉小餛飩
  • Northern-style boiled dumplings 水餃
    • Chinese cabbage and ground pork
    • Fennel tops and ground pork
    • Scrambled eggs and chives
    • Dumplings in chilli oil sauce
    • Sour-and-hot boiled dumplings
  • Fresh spring rolls 春捲
    • Slivered vegetables with a mustardy dressing
  • Xi’an pot-sticker dumplings 西安鍋貼
  • Mr. Lai’s glutinous rice balls with black sesame stuffing 賴湯圓
    • Tang yuan in sweet glutinous rice soup
    • Tang yuan in roasted peanut flour
  • Lotus leaf buns 荷葉餅


  • Everyday stock 鮮湯
    • Chicken stock
  • Vegetarian stocks 素鮮湯
    • Black bean stock
    • Sprouted soy bean stock
  • Chilli oil 紅油
  • Ground roasted Sichuan pepper 花椒面
  • Sweet aromatic soy sauce 複制醬油
  • Lard 豬油
  • Roasted and fried peanuts

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