I grew up eating my mom’s traditional Chinese home-cooked food. After moving out to go to college, I started cooking. I cooked simple western meals at home most of the time because it was simple and cheap. Pasta, steak, chicken, salad, potato were the usual things on my dining table.  I always looked forward to go home on the weekend to have some of mom’s Chinese home-cooked meal.

My husband and I both love Chinese food. We love going out to explore different Chinese cuisines in restaurants. But the food from restaurants are usually oily and full of MSG. If we want to eat better and healthier, I have to learn how to cook delicious meals at home like my mom. I learned some recipes from my mom. But most of the time I learned from cookbooks. I’ve tried a few Chinese cookbooks in the past. There are always hits and misses.

That all changed when I started cooking from Every Grain of Rice. Every recipe was a hit. Big hit! This is the most well written and most authentic Chinese cookbook ever!

So I’ve decided. I want to make every recipe in Every Grain of Rice. There are 151 recipes and 71 variation recipes, 222 recipes total. I am going to make and eat them all!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I know that your only just getting started, but I really love what your doing! Hmm..I wonder if you will be doing something similar for her other books…(wishful thinking, I know). Or another cookbook. I love these types of blogs!


    1. I would LOVE to cook all of Fuchsia Dunlop’s books!!
      I haven’t thought about what to cook after I finish this book.
      But perhaps I will try something other than Chinese food.
      Then I’d cook Ms. Dunlop’s other books a bit later?
      What are some of your favorite cookbooks?
      I’m open for suggestion. 🙂


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