Bok choy with fresh shiitake 香菇小白菜

Bok choy with fresh shiitake 香菇小白菜

This recipe is a little different than how I usually cook leafy green vegetable. I usually cook this way: heat up some oil in wok, add garlic, add vegetables, saute, add salt, done.

In this recipe, bok choy and shiitake mushroom were blanched first. It has sugar added. And it was thicken with potato starch water. Hmmm… I was skeptical when I read the recipe. Will the dish turned out to be sweet? What’s the point of this extra step of blanching?

The recipe turned out to be excellent. Because I blanch the vegetable first, it took seconds to cook in the wok. And the bok choy remain crisp and crunchy. With the way I cooked before, the vegetable always turns limp and soggy. I couldn’t taste the sugar at all. But I guess it brings out the flavor of the vegetable?

Overall we enjoyed this vegetarian dish. The extra steps are well worth it.


You can also find the recipe online.


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