Red-braised pork 紅燒肉


Braised meat was one of my favorite dishes growing up, whether it be chicken, pork or beef. Mom usually makes a big pot, and we would eat it for the next few days. We like to pour some of the rich savory braise sauce over steaming hot white rice. There would be a green leafy vegetable dish on the table as well. Now that’s a simple and delicious Chinese meal.

I cooked the red-braised pork for the full 3 hours. The pork belly was so tender that it just melt in your mouth. The flavor was spot on. I could taste a hint of anise and cassia bark. The prep was a breeze. But while the meat was braising on the stove, I had to smell the aroma for the 3 hours waiting time. That was the most difficult part!

This is a dish I would make over and over again.


You can also find the recipe online.


3 thoughts on “Red-braised pork 紅燒肉

  1. Wonderful! Have you made this dish with other types of meat before? You seem to know what your talking about! PS. I love this blog!


    1. Hi Georgia. Thank you for visiting! 🙂
      I’ve made red-braised beef and chicken before.
      But not with the braising sauce for this recipe.
      I am curious how it would turn out.
      I shall give it a try next time, maybe with some whole chicken legs?


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