Pock-marked old woman’s tofu (vegetarian version) 麻婆豆腐


My husband loves mapo tofu. Whenever he sees mapo tofu on a restaurant menu, he has to order it. So naturally this was one of the first few dishes we’ve tried from the book.

I used organic medium-firm tofu, and we like the soft-yet-not-too-soft texture of it. I steeped the tofu in hot water first as the recipe instructed. I’m not too sure why this step is needed. I usually just cook tofu directly.

The sauce was great. Not too spicy, and great with rice. I didn’t add ground red chillies because I didn’t have any at home. I did add ground roasted Sichuan pepper, and we love the flavor of the pepper. There is not meat in this version, and we did not miss the meat at all.

Husband ate two bowls of rice with this dish, and request to have this on the dinner table everyday. I called that a success!


You can also find the recipe online.


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